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Our phones are answered live 24/7/365 and we can be onsite anywhere in the United States Typically Within 12 Hours and Worldwide Within Days.

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You Need to Know How We‘re Different from other Security Firms

McCann Total Security is led by highly regarded and established physical and cyber security specialists. Our team of consultants, installers, investigators and forensic experts are comprised of former law enforcement and private security professionals. McCann Total Security is an expert in investigations and systems, both in the physical and digital realm. For over 30 years, McCann experts have implemented security solutions utilizing cutting-edge products with technicians who are knowledgeable in all of the latest technology.

Cyber Security Solutions for Proven Cyber Threats

Every day McCann Security helps business decision-makers and stakeholders solve cyber-security issues and protect their critical data and infrastructure. Our operations began during the mass adoption of electronic devices and digitally stored information, and we’ve continued to lead the cyber-security industry through the evolution of mainframes, desktops and laptops, and now mobile devices and cloud storage. All along the way, our veteran team has been armed with the latest technology, and backed by decades of professional experience in both public law enforcement and private security.

Cyber Security Services

Suspect You’ve Been “Bugged”? TSCM is What You Need

Physical listening devices and software “bugs” are easily deployed and difficult to detect. If you are involved in a contentious situation where proprietary or confidential information has a high financial value, you could be “bugged.”

Our Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) experts will use the most advanced technology to determine if you have a physical or digital listening device or “bug”. Then we’ll deal with it.

TSCM & Bug Sweeping

The Latest Technology for Physical Security

McCann Total Security designs, installs and services integrated security systems encompassing both physical and cyber security. Protecting both physical assets as well as IT data is a service offering unique to McCann. McCann Total Security provides comprehensive services to ensure your assets are protected from the fence line to the server room. McCann’s staff put the customer first. With 24/7 service and rapid response times, McCann will get your security systems operating optimally.

Physical Security Services

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Somehow my soon to be ex-husband knew confidential information that I had only discussed with my attorney. I suspected that he had planted some sort of listening device in my home. I called McCann…

Jane D. – McCann Client

My competitors had confidential information about my company that was only discussed with very few people. I called McCann Investigations and they came right away. They were very professional…

Carlos D. – McCann Client