Antivirus Bug Steals Passwords

An uncomfortable news update on the cyber security circuit sheds light on the fact that an antivirus bug is now stealing user passwords. This is particularly disconcerting for both individuals and businesses who rely on antivirus software to keep hackers out. Anyone who has installed Trend Micro’s Antivirus on their Windows computer should be on high alert, as this is the source of the antivirus bug wreaking havoc on computers around the world. An emergency patch has been released in a bid to  fix critical flaws in the antivirus software which allow hackers to execute arbitrary commands remotely, whilst enabling them to steal saved passwords from the Password Manager that is built directly into the Antivirus program.  Due to some major bugs in the software, In short, cyber criminals can  remotely download malicious code and execute it on any user’s machine. What makes it worse is that all of this could occur entirely without the user’s knowledge. Trend Micro is also able to add a self-signed security certificate to its user’s certificate store, this ensures that  users are unable to see any HTTPS errors. On the bright side, a patch has been released to solve the problem and users are therefore urged to update their software as soon as possible.

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