The McCann Total Security Solutions Company

Our management team oversees the day-to-day business of McCann Total Security across Texas.

Since 1983, McCann Total Security has used state-of-the-art video sensors not only for traditional integrated security systems but for covert applications as well. These IP-based systems allow for remote access, in addition to working with other security systems, such as access control and intrusion detection.

McCann Total Security, a McCann Investigations Company, provides clients with unique solutions that encompass integrated security systems to protect assets and employees.

As a McCann Investigations Company, McCann Total Security also provides professional investigation services performed by personnel with decades of experience in law enforcement, physical and IT security. All McCann Total Security systems are scalable and customizable to meet any security application, whether it is physical or network security.

What We Do for You

McCann Total Security designs, installs and services integrated security systems encompassing both physical and cyber security. Protecting both physical assets as well as IT data is a service offering unique to McCann. McCann Total Security provides comprehensive services to ensure your assets are protected from the fence line to the server room. For over 20 years McCann experts have implemented security solutions utilizing cutting-edge products with technicians who are knowledgeable in all of the latest technology.

McCann’s staff will always put the customer first. With 24/7 service and rapid response times McCann Total Security will have your security systems operating optimally. McCann solutions and services include:

  • Access Control – Physical and IT
  • Intrusion Detection – Physical and IT
  • Video Systems
  • Data Breach Remediation
  • IT Security Audit
  • Technical Security Counter Measures – TSCM

Introducing the McCann Team

Daniel Weiss – CEO

25 years industry experience:

Daniel Weiss began his career in the security industry while in graduate school at Northeastern University, where he worked at a maximum security prison in Massachusetts at Walpole State Prison. Once left the public sector he entered the private security sector. During the past 15 years he held managerial positions at Wells Fargo and Chubb. Mr. Weiss was also founder and CEO of EPS Security and Infrastruct Security. Mr. Weiss is the founding Texas partner of McCann Investigations, LLC, a Texas Corporation.

Mr. Weiss brings extensive experience as a security professional in the areas of private investigation, computer forensics, loss prevention, electronic security system design and surveillance. As an industry entrepreneur, he brings his wealth of knowledge in business with extensive experience in due diligence, private equity, venture capital and financial controls. His background supports the unique balance between business and former law enforcement which is a unique hallmark of McCann Solutions.

Donna Hatch – General Manager

20 years industry experience:

Donna Hatch has been in the security industry since 1992. She began her career in residential alarm sales then moved to commercial alarm, camera, fire and access systems, national accounts, service manager and corporate customer service manager. Ms. Hatch interfaces with customers from project start to project close. McCann Total Security takes great pride in our professional and knowledgeable management, technicians and customer service before, during and after the sale and go above and beyond customer expectations. She is also a licensed private investigator and is involved in research and surveillance.

Brett Dearman – Computer Forensics Examiner

Brett Dearman has lead or participated in over 200 internal investigations of varying complexity from 2002 to present in the role of digital forensics examiner. These include alleged corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property, illegal trading practices, possession and distribution of pornography, and Human Resources related issues. Many of the collections were performed after normal working hours or by covert action. Mr. Dearman performed or assisted with numerous e-discovery initiatives including probable cause for reasonable termination. This includes the preliminary examination of personal computers and/or network servers as part of e-discovery. In the course of these investigations, interaction with attorneys, federal agents and law enforcement officers was common.

Mr. Dearman created Dynegy’s digital forensics lab in 2002 in response to investigations being conducted by the Department of Justice as well as a number of pending civil suits. With the assistance of former FBI and law enforcement officers, he developed the processes and procedures for digital forensic examination including proper evidence collection, processing and storage, chain of custody documentation, examination and reporting. During this process, he was trained on the forensics examination system EnCase (Guidance Software, Inc.) and ultimately obtained their Encase Certified Examiner certification.


CNE (x2) Certified OS/2 Engineer
COE AccessData Certified Examiner – Forensic Toolkit
COLE Certified OS/2 LANServer Engineer
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
MCP+I Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
CMA Certified Metaframe Administrator
ACE Encase Certified Examiner (Guidance Software, Inc.)
EnCE (x2) Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CISSP (International Security Certification Consortium)
CPE Certified PGP engineer (PGP Encryption)
Certified Netware Engineer

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