Cyber Security and HIPPA Compliance

The threat of cyber attack on your business is very real. Healthcare companies and providers can be subject to civil and criminal penalties if they violate HIPAA standards by not being HIPAA compliant.

Is your business HIPAA compliant? What about your IT vendor? Many small and mid-sized businesses simply do not know how to protect and defend against the threat of cyber attacks. In addition, many small to medium health care providers do not know if they are HIPAA compliant or how to verify their compliance.

  • Your IT person or 3rd party vendor is not a compliance officer and while they may monitor your computer systems, they are not specialists in HIPPA compliance.
  • What would happen to your business reputation if you were in violation of HIPAA or if your client/patient information were compromised in a cyber security breach?

Cyber security experts will assess your compliance and cyber risk and develop a simple and reasonable plan of attack to improve the cybersecurity of your business. The assessment does not disrupt business operations.

The results of the assessment and audit are examined and reviewed to evaluate security hardware, as well as to address known spyware or malware, and vulnerabilities in the internal systems, and external facing connections to the Internet.

From the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive list of recommendations for improving compliance and cybersecurity processes as well as outline the costs involved to help mitigate potential risks. This may include current staff, outsourced IT providers, and other stakeholders in the IT configurations that operate within your business or home.

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