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May 28, 2015

White Paper – Modern Eavesdropping

Classic eavesdropping systems were generally comprised of three essential elements : a pick-up device, a transmission link and a listening post. A microphone or video-camera picks up a signal and converts it to electric impulses, which are then transmitted off-site by radio frequency or by wire to a processing post.

These kinds of devices, once suspected, were easily detected and shut down. The devices themselves began being more and more discreet, while losing some of the physical elements: hardwired became wireless and hardware became software. Software tools are now the most recent link in the evolution of surveillance technology.
TSCM – Bug Sweeps
Physical listening devices and software “bugs” are easily deployed and difficult to detect. If you are involved in a contentious situation where proprietary or confidential information has a high financial value, you could be “bugged.” Our Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) experts will use the most advanced technology to determine if you have a physical or digital listening device or “bug”.
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McCann Investigations is pleased to introduce McCann Total Security Solutions.

McCann Total Security designs, installs and services integrated security systems encompassing both physical and cyber security. Protecting both physical assets as well as IT data is a service offering unique to McCann. McCann Total Security provides comprehensive services to ensure your assets are protected from the fence line to the server room.
For over 20 years McCann experts have implemented security solutions utilizing cutting-edge products with technicians who are knowledgeable in all of the latest technology.

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