McCann’s Industry Leading Physical Security Services

McCann Security has more than twenty five years of providing comprehensive integrative security solutions for both cyber and physical needs. At McCann Security we design, install, monitor and service physical and access control, video surveillance, and cyber and physical intrusion detection for hundreds of commercial, government and institutional clients.

A few highlights about our company are as follows:

  • Privately ¬†owned and operated over 25 years
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Non-proprietary solutions
  • In-house leasing for cost effective solutions
  • Simple Full Service Policy: McCann Security replaces equipment free of charge due to such issues as equipment failure and vandalism.

A simple monthly fee covers everything.

  • Local Service: 24/7/365

Through McCann’s Security Systems state-of-the-art video, access control and intrusion detection sensors, we provide clients with both physical and logical cyber security and environmental intelligence for commercial, governmental and industrial facilities. McCann’s physical and logical cyber security systems are cost-effective completely scalable and can be used for:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessment (both physical and cyber)
  • Loss prevention (including physical as well as data breach and privacy loss) and time and attendance tracking
  • Manufacturing and process analysis
  • Access control and restriction to sensitive areas
  • Forensic review of video documentation
  • Remote, real-time monitoring of critical assets

McCann’s Awareness Center provides:

  • 24/7/365 responsiveness
  • Cloud-based, secure access of stored video
  • Live remote monitoring of video, access and cyber intrusion with alerts
  • Highly-trained and measured physical response

Our site surveys and consultations are free. Please feel free contact me by email or phone at your convenience so we may schedule a time to discuss providing you with a competitive bid.

Our Physical Security Systems

CCTV & Video Sensors

One of the most critical aspects of mitigating risk at your facility is to constantly have visual awareness of what’s happening around the premises. With McCann Security’s video surveillance systems, our clients are able to address security issues at the critical points within their facilities and have constant visual verification that everything is running smoothly. We assist in providing video surveillance systems of all types, including IP-based megapixel fixed cameras, analog systems and IP-basedpan/tilt and zoom cameras.

Physical Access Control

Every facility has critical points of access that must be protected. At McCann Security, we help you fulfill all your security objectives by evaluating your site’s unique security needs and installing various access control technologies and physical security products.

McCann Security also works with architects and other related trades to provide high- quality access control solutions that meet all of the necessary specifications and codes that affect your type of facility. McCann Security is well known for its ability to provide fully functional integration of access control systems at any facility with intrusion and video systems.

Physical Intrusion Detection

A great deal of relief comes with knowing that your interior and exterior are protected from unwanted intrusion. If your facility has critical points that must beconstantly restricted and monitored, give yourself the peace of mind you deserveby working with McCann Security. Whether you have a server room, key roof hatch, remote back door to a warehouse or a key fence line, we have the intrusion detection systems you need to constantly keep your premises safe from unwanted intruders.

Additionally, McCann Security works with architects and other trades people to deliver intrusion detection systems that fully satisfy all regulations and codes that affect your type of facility. We are proud of our ability to easily integrate these intrusion detection systems with other critical systems on your facility, such as access control and video systems.
There is also the option to install off-site monitoring or integrate your monitoringinto a local or centralized command and control center. Doing so allows you to cut down on the amount of nuisance alarms and respond to critical security events instantaneously.

Our Remote Monitoring Services

With McCann Security take advantage of UL central stations that are ready for your signals at all times. Our command centers offer our clients the best central station services available. Through redundant centers in Austin, San Antonio and LaFayette, LA, we are able to provide a level of coverage that is unmatched throughout Texas and Louisiana. Every one of our command centers is Five Diamond Rated. The LaFayette center is UL 2050, which allows us to monitor even the most sensitive and critical infrastructure. Only ten central stations in the United States have achieved that level of certification, meaning McCann Security is truly one of the nation’s elitemonitoring service providers.

Through McCann Security, you have access to cutting-edge technology when you needit most for the critical security solutions at your facilities.

The services provided from our command centers include:

  • Intrusion detection and fire alarm system monitoring
  • Video verification of intrusion detection systems
  • Remote video “guard tours”
  • Hosted access control management