Rumor: Windows 7 is a Security Risk

Microsoft has begun yet another round of would-be scare tactics in their latest effort to get their customer base to shift to their latest operating system, Windows 10. Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer has warned that continued use of the ‘outdated’ Windows 7 software should be carried out at the risk of the user. The rumor that Windows 7 is a security risk is running rampant across the globe, with users in a flat panic about how to proceed.

The argument that Capossela is going with is one of security. He asserts that Windows 10’s security is superior to that of its aged counterpart. He also claims that Windows 7 will begin to be phased out by newer technologies; making it incompatible with future software, such as games and office applications.

It is safe to say that Microsoft’s claims are far from accurate, as Microsoft will be supporting Windows 7 until 2020. Furthermore, Windows 7 has the largest market share, which ensures that developers will be producing games and applications for the OS for a long time to come.

It is generally agreed that the warnings issued by Microsoft are based on nothing more than a marketing push to achieve the company’s goal of reaching 1 Billion Windows 10 installations by 2017. As it stands, there is no cause for concern as this is not the first nor the last time Microsoft will play this slightly threatening card.

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