TOR Announces Bug Bounty Program

In a somewhat revolutionary step, the non-profit organization responsible for TOR has announced what they call the ‘Bug Bounty Program.’ As the largest, most popular tool designed to grant anonymity online; it comes as no surprise that cyber security is a huge part of the functioning of the TOR network. The Bug Bounty Program, in a nutshell, is an incentive encouraging responsible ‘white hat’ hackers to check over their code in search of security loopholes. The hope is that those who hack for nefarious monetary gain will be more inclined to report the fault to the company in return for a reward, of sorts.

The program was introduced to attendees of the ‘State of the Onion’ talk, hosted by the TOR project, which took place at Hamburg’s Chaos Communication Congress. In a statement made during the congress, one of TOR’s founders, Nick Mathewson, stated that while the company appreciates each individual who has checked their code in the past, there is a need for more people to check it in the interests of progression. The idea is, the more people check the code, the more it can be refined and perfected. The initiation date of the Bug Bounty Program is expected during the early stages of 2016.

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