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Have You Been Exposed in a Hack? I Have…

Although many of you read about computer network intrusions and other hacking incidents, most remain unaware of actually being the victim of such activity. I have the unfortunate circumstance of having been a “victim” of the hacking of the U.S. Government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM). You’ve probably never heard of OPM, but it houses sensitive data for millions of federal employees from the Department of Justice, the F.B.I., Homeland Security, some military personnel and many more…

Read Real Life Identify Theft Hack – What it really means

An Insurance Overview

Several companies rely on Cyber Insurance to minimise their risk as company. While cyber insurance helps offer an extra layer of defence in a company’s robust cyber security program, it is not a substitute for managing the company’s cyber risk.

pdf An Insurance Overview

The Cost of Data Breach for Companies

In 2011, the average cost to business owners per record compromised was $1941, almost $200 per record. At that rate a lost laptop, cyber liability attack, rogue employee hack or data breach to a company storing 5,000 records could mean up to $1,000,000 in legal, reporting & remediation expenses, or more.

pdf The Cost of Data Breach for Companies

Awareness of Cyber-Security for Small Businesses

Small and medium-size businesses, totalling more than 28.2 million organisations, make up for 99.7 percent of all U.S. employers and create over 60 percent of all new U.S. private sector jobs. They also produce over 47 percent of the country’s Gross National Product1. When looking at the SMB sector as a whole, it’s easier to understand the importance of a healthy and secure environment business environment.

pdf Awareness of Cyber-Security for Small Businesses

Modern Eavesdropping

Eavesdrop is originally a noun pointing to the water dripping off the eaves of a building and the space between the wall and the dripping. By the early 1600s, to eavesdrop actually meant to stand in the eavesdrop of a house with the intent to hear conversations within and was criminalised. This is the first time the term “eavesdropping”1 was legally acknowledged.

pdf Modern Eavesdropping: Its Easier and Cheaper Than Ever To Spy On Someone

Physical and Cyber Spyware

From Flash Drive Cufflinks in Gold Casing, that cost only $50 and can help you smuggle in malware or surveillance software to spy coins that can transport micro SD cards and covert key-chain or button video cameras. Sure they look like toys for children, but what if someone in a sensitive position actually used them?

pdf The Growth of The Cheap and Easily Accessible Spy Gear Market: Physical and Cyber Spyware

The Ease of Hiring A Hacker

The ease of hacking can be showcased by the fact that if someone searched for “hiring hackers” on Google, the first page of the search results usually displays at least 4, sometimes 5 niche websites selling professional hacking services, 3 or 4 articles explaining the process of hiring a hacker online for personal “projects” and maybe one referring to various trends on the cyber security market, involving hackers. The same goes for similar keywords like “hackers for hire”, “professional hacker”, “hire a hacker”.

pdf The Ease of Hiring A Hacker: The Threat is Real

Can spyware be disguised within emails, social media, web chats etc?

Emails, social media, web chats and other methods of communicating online are now one of the most used aspect of internet for users. To put this into perspective in 20151, out of the total world population of 7.2 billion, 3.01 billion use the internet and 2.01 billion of them have active social media accounts i.e. approximately 30% and 3.65 billion i.e. 51% are mobile users. This makes 30-51% connected users vulnerable to spyware and phishing online.

pdf Can spyware be disguised within emails, social media, web chats etc?

What Are Common Techniques For The Invasion of Privacy For Individual?

Invasion of privacy is majorly on it’s way up. An annual study of internet security vulnerabilities released in 2011, showed that mobile vulnerabilities1 nearly doubled, increasing by 93% in 2011, with a particular rise in threats targeting the Android operating system. It is estimated that worldwide mobile phone fraud will reach $40 billion2 in a few years. This trend is certainly not limited to mobiles, it has also been seen in tracking vehicle GPS.

pdf What Are Common Techniques For The Invasion of Privacy For Individual?

Financial Sector Security

McCann Investigations understands the need to protect the different sensitive sectors of the nation’s infrastructure. With decades of experience in digital security and investigations, McCann experts have seen one sector that presents the most susceptibility to attacks that would affect the average American: the financial and banking sector. The threats to this sector are diverse and ever changing. Bank operators need to stay informed of all emerging trends and threats to their sector.

pdf Download white paper: Financial Sector Security 2014

Food Defense

There is almost no other industry that affects more people than the nation’s food supply. For the purposes of this discussion, food includes all commercially produced consumables (i.e. food, water, beverages, pharmaceutical, etc.). In this paper, I will give an overview of security issues facing the food industry and talk a bit about the idea of “food defense”.

pdf Download white paper: Food Defense White Paper 111314

Laws Affecting Critical Infrastructure

Keeping up with changes in law and regulations is a multifaceted task that includes not only reading and digesting the statute as written, but also studying the legal implications and impacts to our customers and us. It is also imperative that we keep up with the directives made by any of the departments of the executive branch of government. Lawmakers often draft broad legislations that are worded in extremely vague ways and then leave it up to individual agencies to form the policies that put the written law into practice. This adds an entirely separate set of complications that we must deal with.

pdf Download white paper: Critical Infrastructure White Paper

Healthcare Facility Safety

Unlike other types of sensitive facilities, the security needs of healthcare facilities are unique in that the facilities are generally very open public facilities. They are also quite common throughout all different types of communities. From government-funded county hospitals to enormous metropolitan medical centers to suburban and rural clinics, healthcare facilities are literally found everywhere.

pdf Download white paper: Healthcare Facility Security