Windows 10 is Mining User Data

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, has been under fire since shortly after its release. There have been a number of concerns regarding the features of the OS which mine data from users and invade their privacy to an alarming extent. In response, Microsoft updated its privacy policy to clarify the circumstances under which the company will have access to personal data.

While Microsoft’s intentions may appear to be honorable on the face of it, there remains one anomaly; the depth of the information mined from users. The company has released a list of important milestones which in themselves show the disturbing level of detail farmed from everyday users. Data such as how long each user spends in Microsoft Edge, how many hours spent gaming and the number of photographs viewed on the operating system clearly shows that user data and statistics are not nearly as private and respected as Microsoft claims.

Martin Brinkman of gHacks was the first to notice the truth behind the statistics released by the tech giant. It remains unclear as to exactly what types of information Microsoft collects from it’s users, but at the very least it is now clear that the invasion of privacy is comprehensive enough to include individual apps and programs running within the OS environment. One thing is certain, the knowledge that Windows 10 is mining user data does not sit well with individuals and businesses alike.

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